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Clarification regarding mobile native app


I'm working on a native Windows 8 Phone mobile app. It's almost getting completed and I wish to submit soon. I have a question regarding the app submission. Just want to confirm with you that If I provide a way for downloading the app executable (i.e the XAP file that can be used for installing in Windows Phone) is that fine. I will sure create a video and explain the functionality that I have coded.

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  • Manager   •   about 10 years ago

    Hi Ranjan,

    Thanks for writing. You'll need to provide a way for us to access your app by including an installation file with your submission, sharing a test build via TestFlight, or by providing a password-protected link where your web app can be accessed for testing and judging.

    So yes — if you uploaded your XAP file to the submission form, that would be fine.


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