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about 10 years ago

A note from HarperCollins

Hello and thank you for participating in the HarperCollins BookSmash Challenge!

We’re delighted that you’re using our OpenBook API. The ‘author innovators’ whose work you have access to in the API are very excited to see what you will do with their books — they are curious as to how you will reimagine reading and appreciate the contribution you will make to their work. They are eager to see what direction your development will take — will you shake up the book and present non-linear reading? Will you incorporate community into their books, or location based technology? Will you design something that makes it easier for readers to share and recommend books to their friends? Or will you add something never before contemplated, but once seen will cause us all to wonder how readers got along so long without it? No matter what you deliver, we at HarperCollins and our authors are sure it will be something exciting that supports and expands the story and can’t wait to see how you will break the book binding. We thank you in advance for your work.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions and best of luck while you program over the next couple of months.

Happy coding,
Ana Maria Allessi
VP, Digital Innovation
HarperCollins Publishers 

- - - 

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